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We love bringing recognition to our biggest assets here at On the Books, which is our clients. For the month of February we wanted to highlight CoWorks, a minority owned business based out of Raleigh.

CoWorks has been working with On the Books for about two years and they were referred to us from a colleague. We were able to catch up with owners DeShawn Brown and Kyle Linton and pick their brains to see what the vision was behind CoWorks that made it into what it is today.

CoWorks is a growing SaaS business that works within the Coworking and Flexible workspace industry. They have built a software platform that provides Coworking managers with the tools and processes they need to better manage and grow their individual spaces. However, Kyle and DeShawn didn’t stop there. They went through the prestigious Techstars program based in Atlanta where they spent three months living in the downtown area dedicating themselves to scaling CoWorks and improving the platform!

When we asked DeShawn and Kyle why they wanted to start this business they said, “In working with Raleigh Founded, we saw the need within the Coworking industry to create a more customizable and simple solution to support the flexible workspace industry.” They explained to us that as companies have begun to move away from centralized offices into smaller geographically located spaces for their employees, they knew that these spaces would need better tools in order to manage and grow.

As a SaaS business, Coworks appreciates that On the Books has a deeper understanding of various technology systems that they themselves can leverage and integrate to track information and provide meaningful insights in real-time when it comes to their accounting. “We are a small team. We knew we didn’t have the staff to support a full-time bookkeeper/accountant. It made sense for us to work with an experienced external partner to manage our books and provide us with key insights into our business operations.”

We love working with Coworks and want to make sure that their business continues to grow and flourish! They would love to talk to any potential flexible workspace partners or customers, if you are interested – reach out!

You can find them here.

Make sure to check out their website and incredibly informational blog

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