OTB Assets: My Hot Lunchbox

At On the Books, we think our biggest assets are our clients. This month we’d like to share one of our newest assets with
you. My Hot Lunchbox Is an all female-owned and run business based in Apex, NC. We interviewed the founder,
Jennifer Serino, and this is her story.

My Hot Lunchbox, LLC is a lunch solution for over 250 private and charter schools across the country that don’t have cafeterias. Through partnerships with local restaurants, My Hot Lunchbox offers affordable and simple solutions for students’ lunches. Through their unique software platform, they are able to provide this service without any fees to the schools or restaurants that they serve. They also offer fundraising opportunities to the schools themselves. In fact, in 2019, schools raised $69,812 through My Hot Lunchbox!

The idea behind the creation of My Hot Lunchbox comes from Owner and Managing Partner, Jennifer Serino.  As a Mom herself, she had students attending a local school that didn’t have a cafeteria.  To solve this problem, she came up with this creative idea for lunchtime! A prominent issue that needed a solution within her own family, has now grown into the business she owns today.

What makes My Hot Lunchbox unique as a business is the technology behind the business. They have a proprietary software that they are constantly updating and adding features to, all while maintaining top tier customer service! Always striving to keep it local, they use vendors in local markets and work with them to update menus that fit the schools best needs.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many business have been forced to innovate and/or pivot. My Hot Lunchbox recently added family pickup meals. These are freezer-friendly meals large enough for the whole family. This allowed our families a break from cooking,  and provided more business for our vendors while maintaining social distancing and safe practices. We think this is awesome!


As a growing business, proper accounting is essential. While they focus on improving their technology and delivering their service, they just weren’t ready to bring all their accounting in-house. That’s when they found On the Books. We asked them why they chose On the Books and what they enjoy most about working with us.  Jen said, “On the Books is simple and takes care of their customers well.” Thanks, Jen! We intend to take great care of you and your books, and we thank you for allowing us to be part of your team!

If you’d like to learn more about My Hot Lunchbox, please check them out on Facebook, Instagram, or on their website. 

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